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Privacy Policy

Preamble is an anonymous board, and as such it has no such concept of an "account". Anyone can freely browse and post content on our board without needing to register in any way. However, like almost any site today, needs to access some data from its users to function properly. By browsing our site you agree to share that data with us for the scope and periods that are reported in the paragraphs below.


If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy or how we run our site, you may contact us at

Browser and cookie data

In order to provide additional features, uses cookies and localStorage to store information about particular user settings or information.

None of our cookies come from external sources (such as advertising or analytics services) or are used for tracking users in any way.

We use cookies (or localStorage) for:

  • Saving and providing the backend with the user settings in the OPTION menu (such as all-anons);
  • Saving whether the user wishes to use the "Enhanced security" mode.
  • Saving the autogenerated tripcode of the latest anonimous post so that the user can edit it without actually requiring to use a tripcode;
  • Saving the latest post visited in a thread, if the option is enabled by the user;
  • Hiding threads from the homepage and other thread lists;

Please note that most of those features are available by using localStorage, which is never sent to our server (instead all the work is done via the user's browser), only those with a sign are implemented with cookies and therefore sent to us (because we need to serve different content in those cases).

IP address data and its retention

In order to allow the site admins to moderate the board (i.e. deleting improper content, blocking spammers or otherwise restricting access to the board to specific users), the IP address of whoever posts content on is stored alongside the post itself.

The IP address is not visible by any parties except by the board admins (who may be contacted via and it's not used to track users in any way.

The IP address is automatically pruned from our database after 29 days since its recording, so it may not be accessed even by admins anymore after that period.

Off-site board backup

We maintain a daily backup of the whole board so we can restore it to a previous state in case of need.

We keep both local backups and an off-site backups.

  • Local backups are retained for 29 days, then deleted, to prevent access to the IP address data stored inside.
  • Off-site backups are encrypted and stored on a third-party server where they live "indefinitely".

Requesting content or personal data deletion

Despite the measures described above to ensure the privacy of our users, one may still wish that all or some of its content and recorded data are deleted immediately.

Should that be your case, please do the following steps:

  1. contact an admin via the mail given above
  2. specify which content of yours you wish to be deleted. This can either be a post (content + IP address), or just the IP address associated with it
  3. provide means of verifying that post was indeed posted by you. The preferred way is providing the tripcode you used to post it.